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Our puppy is doing great, in fact at this time he is pretty much the master of the house, as everything revolves around potty training, keeping him fed and watered (he has a HUGE appetite), playing with him, keeping things out of his mouth that he's not supposed to have (yeah, right), and most of all LOVING HIM. The first night I think he adopted me as his litter mate and he can't stand for me to leave the room if he's confined; he starts yelping and, if ignored for too long, does the funniest, loudest little howl I've ever heard - he doesn't do any of this regarding hubby. He also wants me to be his playmate when he's running loose, my right forearm is somewhat shredded from puppy teeth.

We took him to our vet the next day and, of course, he got a clean bill of health, vaccinations, etc.; he weighed 11.8 lbs. On Friday I asked Bob if he felt heavier because he sure did to me when I would lift him out of his port-a-crib. On Saturday Bob agreed that he definitely felt heavier so Sunday I decided to weigh him - 15 lbs.! I weighed him first thing Monday morning - 16 lbs.! Today - 17 lbs.! He's gaining a pound per day? I guess I'd forgotten how quickly the large breed dogs grow. Every morning when I get him out he looks like he's a lot longer than he was the night before. I imagine he won't be able to stay in the port-a-crib for long, he'll be able to jump out and then he will have to go in the crate (boo). I feel fortunate to have this old wooden port-a-crib with the bottom removed that I use for our puppies' first few weeks with us - that way I think they feel more like part of the family.

His name - I had him mostly named by the time we took him to the vet (a record for me). With our last name being Baer, and my husband pronounces it more like "bear", we (he) collect things bear related. We have always wanted to name one of our dogs something related to "bear" without that being the actual name. I decided that I wanted Kodiak to be in his registered name and we would call him Kodi (like Cody). Unbelievably, hubby instantly agreed, so when we took him to the vet we actually had a name to give them. It only took us a couple of days for us to work out the rest; I knew "baer" would have to be in there somewhere, and I wanted "midnight" because he is so, so black, so we decided his AKC name would be "Sir Midnight Kodiak Baer".

Let me tell you I think this guy is really smart, but he's also got a little mind of his own. He responded to his name by Friday afternoon and on Saturday he knew "go potty" when we would take him outside (now if he could just learn to tell us that he needs to go when he's inside instead of telling us after he's done it - I've never had one do that, kind of funny really but I know he'll get it soon). He got introduced to the vacuum Sunday (I was so worried about frightening him) and he was curiously wary at first but never 'scared' and by the time I was finished vacuuming it was just no big deal at all to him.

I only had big dog sized toys when we brought him home, although I did find two that he could wrap his little mouth around, so the next day I bought some puppy sized things for him. He is so funny playing with some of his things, and he only gets the stuffies while I am watching him. ---He just woke up and he's entertaining himself in his "playpen" with some of his toys - he's just too cute rolling around in there but it won't last long and he'll want out.--- In the meantime he has grown enough to play with some of the "big boy" toys so he has quite an array and I switch them out to try to keep him interested in something 'new' instead of furniture, electric cords, shoes, my feet, etc. 

We're trying hard not to compare him with our deceased black lab that we loved so much but so far many of Kodi's actions remind us so much of him that it's uncanny, he even sleeps on his back most of the time like Blackjack did. But no matter how he acts or what he may destroy in the process of maturing I can assure you that he will be loved. I already love him so much that I don't know what I would do if something happened to him. I forgot to tell you that when we took him to the vet, Bob was asking the vet something and he said, "Just a minute, I have something I need to say," and he got down and looked Kodi in the eyes and said, "You know you won the lottery" because he knows how I am with my animals.

Saturday and Sunday we tried taking pictures of him but unless he's sleeping it's almost impossible because he's usually running around about 500 mph. Aside from the toy poodle, we've never had a puppy that can run like this one; he's looks like a little black streak and he's managed to skid out in the kitchen a couple of times.

I didn't mean to write a dissertation but I wanted you to know how much Kodi means to Bob and me and how much love he gets. When he get older I'm sure my husband will train him for hunting, if he is so inclined, but if not we will still love him, just as we did with our last girl. I'm attaching a few photos even though most of them aren't the best, as I said trying to catch him still was difficult.

I hope you've found homes for the other little black pups, they were all so sweet - that's probably not too appropriate to say about hunting dogs though.

Thanks again for Kodi,

Linda Baer

Previously Adopted Puppies
Below: Puppies out of Bella/Gus (Summer 2014)
Max - Baytown, TX
Patton - Pearland, TX
Above: November 11, 2011
Denver (right) visiting son, Remington in Arkansas
Below: May 21, 2012 
Kodi and a letter to us from his new owners
Below: Tex with Denver
July 21, 2012 
Denver and Tex are getting along great.
We absolutely love Tex. He has a great personality. It is different than Denver. He is sneaky and gets into plenty of mischief. But he is also so much sweeter than Denver ever was. He's great.

Pinkston Family - owners of Denver and new owner's of Tex

Below: Scout
February 11, 2013 
Hi Melanie, I just wanted to send you some updated photos and let you know how Scout is doing. He'll be 1 year in about a month and we have had the best time with him. He has been such a blessing to our family. My husband especially has benefited from the bond they have. Scout almost immediately caught on to potty training and he is very obedient. He loves to ride in the truck. Here in Colorado we have lots of hiking trails and it is very pet friendly here. The county used a 10 acre tract to build a dog park like nothing I've ever seen. Tons of trails that allow him to run free and socialize with other dogs. We take him at least twice a week to the dog park and also the open space behind our house. He's great at finding bones and the remains of animals from the coyotes and foxes. He loves the snow. He is so beautiful, we get comments all the time at how handsome he is. He is a confident dog without being aggressive or dominating. He is so friendly but also has a watchful eye for anything unusual. I could just go on and on about how much we love him. I just wanted to thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog and I am enclosing a few recent pictures taken. He is 70 lbs now and very healthy. We have considered getting another lab puppy so I will check your website to see if anything is available. I would love to get a little yellow female. We're still just talking about it so it's not a rush. I hope things are well with you and your family and I will do my best to keep you updated.
Thanks so much for making our family even better!

Rachel and Gary Cox


Left: Ali (out of Denver/Bella)
January 15, 2014
Royse City, TX
She is almost 3 years old and has had extensive hunting training. She's doing great!
Above: Abby (from Cookie/Beaux litter 2009) lives with her family in Kansas
Above and Left: Caliber (out of Bella/Denver litter in 2012) with his owner. 
Bay City, Texas
Above - Brew. The Woodlands, TX
Below - Bella/Denver Litter 2012