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Contract and Health Guarantee
Puppies from Caney Creek Kennels come with AKC registration - either Full (breeding rights) or Limited (Pet only with spay or neuter contract). These puppies get lots of attention on a daily basis and our raised as part of the family. Every precaution has been made to insure that your puppy is in good health.

  Your puppy has been examined by a veterinarian and has been inoculated with the appropriate vaccinations. The puppy has been dewormed at 2, 4, and 6 weeks of age. Caney Creek Kennels will advise you of any continuing treatment that may be required. 

  It is the buyers responsibility to follow up on necessary shots and deworming. Puppies go to their new homes with a "Puppy Pack" containing training and tip information, a health record, and a food sample. All sales are final. You must have your new puppy examined by your veterinarian within 3 days of delivery to validate the health guarantee. We do not sell to pet stores or puppy brokers.

It is understood that, at the time of sale, this puppy has been evaluated by the breeder with respect to other representatives of the breed at approximately the same age and has been determined to be structurally and temperamentally suited to be a companion, hunting, and/or obedience dog. No guarantees are made on your puppies size, coat, or breeding ability. This does not necessarily imply that the dog is of breeding or show quality. This puppy is guaranteed to be healthy upon delivery to the buyer, and a full refund will be given for any puppy found to be unhealthy within 10 days of purchase, provided the following is met: 

  The puppy must be examined by a veterinarian of the buyer's choice within three days. If the puppy is found to be ill, the breeder is to be notified within 24 hours and a refund of the purchase price will follow the return of the puppy and all papers to the breeder, including a written statement from the attending veterinarian stating the dog's condition. During the remainder of the initial 10-day period, the buyer shall maintain the puppy's schedule of vaccinations and shall initiate heartworm medication according to the schedule recommended by their veterinarian. The next set of puppy shots is due on ______________. Breeder is not responsible for any Vet bills after buyer takes possession of the dog. Breeder is not responsible for any bacteria or viruses or protazoa, that are not in the control of either seller or buyer. Your puppy is not fully protected from parvo virus until it has 4 sets of the vaccine on the correct schedule. It is very important that you do not bring your puppy in areas where there are other dogs (Petsmart, dog park, etc.) until after this time. We do not guarantee that your puppy will not get parvo virus, but following these guidelines greatly reduces the chance. We do guarantee that your puppy is leaving our kennel without parvo virus. Based on our experience and upon the recommendation of my personal veterinarian, I use the product known as "Trifexis" as my dog’s heartworm preventative. I use this product because of its ability to prevent other parasites (e.g., hookworm, roundworm, fleas and whipworm which are common in the South). I recommend that you discuss this with your veterinarian to find the best suitable product for your new puppy.

  No other health guarantee is given except in the case of a hereditary defect which develops to the extent that it renders the dog unsuitable as a pet within two years of the date of this sale. In this instance, a replacement will be given as soon as one is available, or a refund of 50% of the purchase price will be given at the breeder's option. If the dog has been bred or is over the age of 24 months this portion of the agreement is voided. It is not necessary to return the dog to the breeder or have the dog destroyed to collect on this agreement; however, the dog must be neutered or spayed with proof provided to the breeder in writing from your veterinarian. 
For Labrador Retrievers: If the dog is used heavily for field trialing, open obedience, hunting, or any other strenuous activity prior to its being one year of age, environmentally induced dysplasia and other joint problems may develop. If these factors occur, it is left to the breeder's discretion to honor this agreement. 

  The buyer should also educate himself to proper nutrition of the dog so as not to induce joint problems by either lack of nutrition or by causing an overweight condition in a developing dog. 


  In recognition of the fact that some buyers eventually develop a serious interest in the sport and hobby of purebred dogs, including possibly breeding quality puppies, the following stipulation is included: the buyer agrees that if it becomes his/her desire to breed this dog and produce carefully planned AKC puppies, he/she will not do so without first consulting the breeder. This dog has been carefully bred by Caney Creek Kennels to genetically improve the breed by following the AKC breed standard.


  The buyer agrees that if he/she is unable to keep the puppy, he/she will not sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of this dog without first contacting the breeder, who will either accept the dog on a return basis or assist the buyer in finding a suitable alternative home for the dog. This does not imply a financial commitment on the part of the breeder. 


  The buyer agrees to provide a suitable environment for this dog and will not allow it to run loose in an unsupervised situation. The buyer agrees to not leave this dog in a car in hot temperatures without adequate ventilation and shade, or allow it to be transported in the back of an open vehicle without being confined in a secured kennel crate. 

  The buyer agrees to keep this dog current on the required immunizations and monthly heartworm preventative for the lifetime of the dog. 

  It is left to the breeder's discretion to honor this contract in that the buyer is aware that any failure to follow the stated agreements may cause the agreement to become null and void. 

This agreement pertains to one ________________, whelped __________. AKC Litter Number __________. 
Sire: _____________________________
Dam: _____________________________ 
Purchase Price: $____  
Purchased by: _______________________________________ 
Date: _________________ 
Address: ___________________________________________ 
Telephone: ________________________ 
Breeder/Seller: __________________________ 
Buyer: _____________________________